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Take care of your health like Dominik Czaja, world vice-champion in rowing (double four), who regularly oxygenates in our hyperbaric chamber

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60 min sesje tlenoterapii w Krakowie

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90 min sesje tlenoterapii w Krakowie

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Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment that involves breathing concentrated oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber under elevated pressure The chamber is spacious, comfortable and light enough to read a book and cozy enough to sleep in. It is worth remembering that a carer can enter with a child.

  • Hyperbaric treatment takes from 60 to 90 min
  • During this time the body is saturated with oxygen
  • Angiogenesis is improved, oxygen supply to tissues is increased
  • All the most important cells in the body are oxygenated 
  • Increased pressure stimulates and regulates oxygen levels in the body
  • Capillaries widen, new pathways for blood are created
  • The body regenerates faster and resistance increases


Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków BORELIOZA

Different medical measures to improve fast recovery are used to support the treatment. Regular hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of such facilitations, because the action of concentrated oxygen improves the functioning of the circulatory system. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy should be kept in mind at a time when we are exposed to the fight against infections and viruses.

  • improve blood flow and prevent atherosclerosis 
  • increase metabolism 
  • stimulate the nervous system 
  • prevent stroke 
  • strengthen immunity
Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków BORELIOZA
Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków BORELIOZA


Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków BORELIOZA

Physical effort causes the release of large amounts of endorphins, i.e. hormones of happiness, and also has a very positive effect on lung capacity. The awareness that we are working on ourselves and on our silhouette strengthens self-esteem. In order to complete workouts and eliminate muscle acidification, we recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Do you want to experience the healing power of oxygen? Ask about treatment passes and get a discount.

  • The World Anti-Doping Agency has recognized hyperbarism as a legal doping
  • it is used by athletes around the world
  • oxygenation reduces muscle fatigue
  • hyperbaric oxygen supports the proper functioning of the respiratory system
  • regular use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases performance during hard training treningów


Komora Hiperbaryczna Kraków URODA

bone damage, osteoporosis

Hiperbaryczna Tlenoterapia Kraków CENNIK

neurological problems

Hiperbaryczna Tlenoterapia Kraków CENNIK

transplants and difficult-to-heal wounds

Komora Hiperbaryczna Kraków KONTAKT

anemia, thrombocytopenia

Hiperbaryczna Tlenoterapia Kraków KONTAKT

low immunity, Lyme disease

Komora Hiperbaryczna Kraków BORELIOZA

convalescence after dental procedures

Hiperbaryczna Tlenoterapia Kraków SPORT

sluggish organ function

Komora Hiperbaryczna Kraków SPORT

depression and low blood pressure


Hiperbaryczna Tlenoterapia Kraków CENNIK

For seniors, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is becoming one of the primary methods of health care. With a general decrease in immunity, it is advisable to complement medical therapy with regular hours of relaxation in a hyperbaric chamber. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy supports metabolism and immunity. Feel how your body regenerates! Contact us to learn more about the benefits of concentrated oxygen.

  • support in regeneration and faster recovery
  • faster post-traumatic convalescence
  • counteracting the effects of stroke, atherosclerosis and cerebral paralysis 
  • improving the functioning of the immune system
  • support for people with rheumatism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and chronic diabetes
Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków ZASTOSOWANIE
Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków AUTYZM


Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków AUTYZM
Improve your metabolism in a hyperbaric chamber. Allow oxygen molecules to function freely in your bloodstream. The effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy will allow you to have a restful night’s sleep, and with subsequent treatments to supplement collagen deficiency. Stem cells, which are the building block of hair, skin and nails, reproduce properly only when exposed to oxygen. Make a gift to your loved ones - ask about treatment vouchers and passes at a special price.
  • take care for metabolism and slender silhouette
  • improve blood flow in the body
  • fight germs from the inside
  • support your mood and well-being
  • slow down the skin ageing processes skóry


  • cleansing the body of toxins
  • renewal of dormant body forces
  • improving the results of post-surgical rehabilitation
  • counteracting the effects of chronic conditions
  • elimination of diabetic complications of the so-called diabetic foot
  • acceleration of post-traumatic convalescence
  • oxygenation of the body and fighting against chronic fatigue, stress
  • strengthening body metabolism
  • eliminating the effects of physical exhaustion
  • prevention of skin problems


Komora Hiperbaryczna Kraków BORELIOZA
Research that was conducted in the United States on individuals with the autism spectrum confirms the effectiveness of hyperbaric chambers.As tests have shown, individuals in all stages of autism have indicated improvements in concentration, memory skills, and support in the behavioral process. It is worth noting that our chambers are light and spacious. Parents with children are welcomed to participate in treatments.
  • significant improvement of the immune system function
  • support of the learning process and concentration
  • improved adaptation in the new environment
  • milder response to sudden stimuli, e.g. sound, light
  • person with the spectrum shows improvement when interacting with the public otoczeniem
Komora Hiperbaryczna Kraków BORELIOZA
Hiperbaryczna Tlenoterapia Kraków ZASTOSOWANIE


Hiperbaryczna Tlenoterapia Kraków ZASTOSOWANIE
Tick season is back much sooner than we thought due to the lack of cold temperatures. It is worth protecting yourself from infection by dressing appropriately for a walk. If you are already taking medicines against Lyme disease, but you are not getting the desired results of treatment – hyperbaric oxygen therapy will help you eliminate the anaerobic bacteria that cause Lyme disease spirochetes.
  • after a series of exposures to oxygen, the bacteria are released from the body
  • regeneration increases and well-being improves
  • the body is supported in convalescence after infection 
  • psyche and well-being of the cured person gradually returns to the state of

Additional health-promoting aspects

Komora Hiperbaryczna Kraków AUTYZM

more energy and better well-being

Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków AUTYZM

better skin and muscle condition

Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków SPORT

improved oxygenation of tissues

Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków CENNIK

better sleep, regeneration


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been widely respected in the medical community and has thousands of trained specialists in this field worldwide

Komora Hiperbaryczna Kraków SPORT

Prof. Stephen Thom

University of Pennsylvania School
of Medicine

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the safest way to increase the circulation of stem cells in the body, much safer than any of the pharmaceutical options.”

Tlenoterapia Hiperbaryczna Kraków ZASTOSOWANIE

Jeffrey Niezgoda, PhD

Director of the American College
of Hyperbaric Medicine

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can produce astonishing results, amazingly improves the effects of treatment, and should absolutely be used to complement standard therapy for a variety of conditions.”


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments are a safe therapy. A pressure of 1.5 ATA is generated in the hard chamber and 1.3 ATA in our soft chamber, which allows for effective and safe therapy. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments should be avoided by:

  • pregnant women
  • persons with pacemakers
  • patients after thoracic surgery
  • persons with pneumothorax or certain lung diseases
  • patients suffering from cold or fever
  • persons suffering from otitis
  • persons suffering from inflammation of the optic nerve
Cancer diseases are a very individual issue. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help, but also harm. If you suffer from cancer, you absolutely have to consult your attending physician.
Don’t worry, the treatment is not stressful. Sessions are refreshing and relaxing even for people with claustrophobia. OMNIOXY chambers are equipped with seven large windows. The entire treatment is also monitored by the office staff. They will provide constant visual, as well as voice contact.
The hyperbaric oxygen therapy session lasts between 60 and 80 minutes, depending on the needs of the user. The first step is to gradually introduce the person using the chamber to the conditions of increased pressure. This process takes about 10 minutes. Once the pressure level of 1.3 ATA is reached, one can relax completely. This calming process takes the longest time: from 40 to 60 min. If necessary, two people, such as a parent with a child, can stay in the chamber.
A very important aspect is what kind of ailments you or your loved one are currently suffering from. We recommend at least three treatment sessions. For greater effectiveness, in severe cases, we recommend a package of twenty treatments
These may include nausea, fatigue, headache. All of this are the result of too rapid change in pressure. Our certified office carers have been trained so that the effects do not occur. In addition, OMNIOXY chambers use oxygen supply interruption technology, which eliminates the risk of oxygen toxicity.


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